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6th January 2012

7:40am: A thing is about to happen...
LJ is lost to the world of Facebook and Twitter. It's a little sad, but so it goes. Today I'm changing my default browser page to something other than LiveJournal...I can't remember the last time I actually checked for updates. Prolly will just continue to Facebook and Tweet for the time being. I'll keep this around though...just in case...


4th February 2011

2:55am: The 4th of February
2:30 in the morning is an easy time to make your way to when one works until 9PM. It's a rather comfortable time methinks. A seemingly endless stream of status updates always seem to keep Live Journal from being updated. It's nice to be able to write freely though and not have to worry about a character limit. I'd probably already be close to out of characters by now if this were a Facebook or Twitter update. Sad times. I guess it makes sure that everyone can read everyone's status update, but it's never quite enough. A little substance makes communication better. Not that there is any of that here. I'm just rambling because I feel the need to procrastinate going to bed.

Who needs to sleep really though? You'll be able to do that when you come to the end of things. *nods* I suppose if you ditch out on the sleeping that you might manage to come to the end of things a lot sooner than you had hoped though. Catch-22 = true; There are so many things wrong with the penultimate sentence of this paragraph.

I had to start a new paragraph so that I could use the word penultimate correctly. Hm. What else to talk about? I've been trying to decide which car I want to get next. I'm sort of hoping that the 2012 XB will have the option for the navigation system again so that I can just stick with that. The Camry wasn't terrible to drive though and I already know that I can have the NAV system for that one. Still...not the same as my fancy wheeled toaster device. There's always the FJ Cruiser I suppose. That might be nice...might even be ok if the gas mileage is somewhere close to my XB...I'll have to look into that. The price is a little different, but not by much. Then there's the RAV4...I could probably handle one of those. I should have a real "SUV" any way. I wonder if it is still a real SUV if you say it with quotation marks. Probably. Funny though.

Next topic. Today at work I learned that after birthing a baby the uterus must be checked with ample pushing to ensure that it returns to it's proper pre-baby size. This I thought was interesting as it conjured images of an evil uterus plotting to remain giant forever and struggling to come to grips with it's desire to escape, but inability to sustain itself without the host body to which it is so very attached. Ok, so my brain is a little off sometimes, but what're you gonna do about it?

Work continues to go well. There are always bills to collect and life as an evil bill collector is rarely boring. People have interesting ways of handling the situation. Some of them do a better job of it then others, but that's not really anything new. We'll keep trying to help them though. We're good like that.

Since last we spoke in this level of detail I've been on all sorts of interesting adventures and encountered a plethora of delightful (for the most part) people. It's been a long time since we spoke in this level of detail though so it would be complicated to come up with all of the interesting people and places...most of you have heard of such things in one way or another any way so I'm good with that. It's nice to continue to adventure quest though.

This snow stuff puts a damper on a lot of travel. I'm ready for it to be spring again so that I can muck about freely.

As I said, I'm quite fond of my job, but there are other considerations that have recently caused me to consider the possibility that it might be a good call to journey to far off places. This is both interesting and complex. Much to consider. I learned, for example, that one can acquire a job as a teacher in some locations without first accomplishing all of the teaching degrees. If some schools are unable to locate licensed teachers to fill their positions a person with a BA can be issued a temporary license that is good for a year after which time the person is evaluated for a proper certificate. This seems interesting as it opens the door to the teaching of English without taking a long time to complete all of the pre-teacher things. I'm pretty sure that my level of teaching, with a little polish from the "on the job" version of the pre-teaching stuff, would be at least as good as many of the folks whom go about becoming a teacher the normal way. I'd be able to put my grammar Nazi-ing to good use :) One day at a time and all that. I'd like to get a firm grip on all of this stuff, and I will, but it is taking some time.

I'm on to the third agent in my quest to find someone to represent that piece of fiction that I have scribed. I'm finding the process of finding the right path to publish my book as rewarding as the task of writing it was. That'll happen eventually too. I'm about 1/4 of the way through the sequel, but I've been sort of unmotivated to write more of it due to the slowness of getting things done with the first. I'm sure that once someone does come to their senses that getting a second book that is the continuation of the story from the first published actually becomes easier though so I really need to get back to that. I wouldn't want the whole story to go untold. Besides, when I finish the second book there is still the third to begin and conclude before I'll be done with the tale. Trilogies are nice *nods*

I read the word polish up there as I considered what to write next and thought that it said Polish like Polish sausage and couldn't for the life of me recall what I had written about the people of Poland. Then I read a bit more and that sorted itself out.
I've been reading like a fiend of recent. I finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and have moved on to the sequel. In between bouts of other adventure I watched the Swedish version of the film this evening and was comfortable with the adaptation even though there were some bits missing which I thought made the story in the book more interesting. Still it was all right if not a bit disturbing, but then so was the book. This is the good sort of disturbing though so all is well.

And then there’s all of the super cool voice acting that has been going on (along with the writing of several episodes of the radio dramas of which I have become a part). If you haven’t listened to The Watson Files or The Ark of Time (which are the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’s grandson Spencer [whom has his own Dr. Watson] and Time Traveling Treasure Hunters in biblical times [which is just unreligious enough that even those amongst you uninterested in God commentary might be amused] respectively) then you should give them a go. You can listen for free at http://www.strobiestudios.com or on YouTube or via iTunes. Like I said I’ve written some of them, but the cooler part is lending my voice to the characters. Spencer Holmes and a British Butler type fellow are my primary parts and they’re both filled with justice. We appreciate you listening and if you have ideas that you’d like to share for episodes or whatnot feel free to send them along :)

I think I've peppered in enough life update with the random bits of stream of consciousness that have been coming out of my head just now for one LJ update. If you made it all the way from top to bottom thanks for sticking this one out. I'll go back to the shorter version for a while probably. I should go put this on Facebook now too since there are probably folks that only read things there...


Current Mood: chipper

15th December 2010

12:20am: Wowser
Somehow we got to December without any comment on my blog. I should write things more often. We continue to fight the good fight. Work goes well and life is generally interesting and mostly awesome. Not very specific, but I'm tired and so that's what you get. At least it's something :)

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4th October 2010

7:56pm: The Horror of Poe, et. al.

Enjoy that...I think there's one coming this week.

In other news - (mostly for those of you who have not yet given in to Facebook) I've written a book. There are a few people reading it and while they are doing that I've begun the middle book in what I believe to be a trilogy. The first page is written. I'm happy with where this is going.

Life has existed in varying degrees of up and down and sort of swirled all around, but we're still here and soldiering on.

Other than that I don't think that there is anything else to report so that's where I'll leave you for now, but keep fighting the good fight :)

Current Mood: accomplished

31st July 2010

9:23am: Title Probably Not Necessary
There is quite a lot to accomplish today:

1) Bullet point one is my own personal motivation to me. I appreciate that there are folks who are excited by the hype generated by the existance of the SSP, but if you find that it bothers you very much feel free to move on the bullet point two. Finish at least the overall goal requirement of the SSP to keep in line, do more if possible to accomplish the daily goal. 50 days until the deadline. According to current projections, however, I'll be done in a grand total of 45 days. It would be nice to start phase three 15 days early. I'll see what I can do. The first sentence did it's job if you read all of the words between it and here and now you're still curious. Good. :) Thanks for helping me stay motivated!

2) Be in attendance at social function 1.

3) A jaunt to the hotdog place with the airplane on the roof.

4) Hopefully a bit of quality cinema.

5) Save the world and continue to fight the good fight. We'll see where the world take us. I continue to be a man possessed by possibilities. This time, they'll not be delusions of grandeur. Just focus, discipline, and determination. That's what it takes to succeed.


Current Mood: Focused

28th July 2010

2:56pm: March of the Penguins.
That was the topic of the last post that I locked away because it became a lot more spilling my guts than I intended it to be. Life, she is good. *nods firmly* I've been working on a super secret project (no, you can't know what it is...I'll tell you on September 19th though so stay tuned) and that's been going quite well. I hope that it is the tool that will allow me to make lots of changes. That's all on that subject.

Well then. I'm off to watch Inception, but I wanted to make a post since that's what I set out to do 20 minutes ago when I started writing the first post. Glad we could have this talk. I'll try not to wait 24 days until the next one :P


Current Mood: contemplative

4th July 2010

9:29am: Happy 4th of July
For all your non-FaceBook and anti-Twitter folks! Hope you have a happy and safe Independance Day :D If you see aliens heading for the White House you should probably try really hard to be somewhere else!


30th May 2010

2:52pm: Jekyll & Hyde - I Need to Know
I need to know
the nature of the demons that possess
man's soul!
I need to know
why man's content to let them make him less
than whole.

Why does he revel in murder and madness?
What is it makes him be less than he should?
Why is he doomed not to reach his potential?
His soul is black
when he turns his back
upon good.

I need to find
a way to get inside the tortured mind of man.
I need to try
to separate the good and evil - if I can.

One thing is certain - the evil is stronger.
Good fights a hopeless and desperate fight.
I must find ways of adjusting the balance
to bring him back from the empty black
edge of night!

I need to go
where no man has ventured before
to search for the key to the door
that will end all this tragic and senseless decay!
But how to go?
I need to know!

I need to learn
the secrets of the mind that we cannot discern.
I need to learn
the things that make men pass the point of no return.

Why does a wise man take leave of his senses?
Where is that fine line where sanity melts?
When does intelligence give way to madness?
A moment comes
when a man becomes
something else ...

I need to know
why man plays this strange double game!
His hand always close to the flame!
It's a deal with the devil he cannot disclaim!
But what's his aim?
I need to know!

Dear God, guide me!
Show me how to succeed!
With your wisdom inside me,
Henry Jekyll will follow wherever you lead!

I need to see
the truth other men cannot see
to be things that others can't be!
Give me courage to go
where no angel will go!
And I will go!
I need to know!

Good song :)

2nd May 2010

1:27am: A whole lot of catching up on things...
Sorry for the length of the comments here - I used LJ cuts profusely though so there is that:

First, Jacki - sorry for the loss of your granddad - I'm confident that he will be fondly remembered by all who knew him. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family along with the knowledge that this is just the next step in his adventure. You'll catch up with each other eventually :)


Switching gears:

Someone received a letter recently advising him that there was a strong possibility that he or his business had not bothered to make a contribution to the local youth center. Who was this person?

find out by clicking hereCollapse )

It occurs that there are still folks who don't muddle about on Facebook. Those folks are missing out on friendship with Spencer Holmes and his notes on the various cases which he has been quick enough to solve. I present, therefore, the first three of such things. If you had Facebook you would also be rewarded with fancy images that go with these narratives, but as you do not the text will have to suffice (the captions are included at least so you can imagine what was there).

The Case of the Missing CatCollapse )

The Case of the Locked RoomCollapse )

The Dying DetectiveCollapse )

Wowser is there ever more to talk about, but those'll have to be stories for another time. Good night my friends

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29th April 2010

4:11pm: Fancy! :) The Dying Detective

Rip - sorry I've not gotten back to you about George's bachelor party - I'll look at my calendar tonight to make sure that everything is dandy and advise you of my attendance.

I think that's it for now.


21st April 2010

10:50pm: The Case of the Locked Room

Thanks for listening,


18th April 2010

5:16pm: Another Holmes Adventure
The Case of the Locked Room is on iTunes and availble for download at www.thewatsonfiles.com - Check it out! I didn't see it on YouTube yet, but I'm sure it will be there soon. When it is you can be pretty certain that I will embed the video here :)

Thanks for listening,


13th April 2010

3:25am: The Case of the Missing Cat - Parts 1 & 2

You can also download the full episode at http://www.thewatsonfiles.com

Cheers and thanks for listening,


10th April 2010

3:18pm: 11 Days Have Passed...
Is the LJ ready to be retired? Everything that you need to know is on Facebook and Twitter? I can even rant on Facebook if I feel that I need to. This is a crisis.

Current Mood: artistic

31st March 2010

10:42pm: Teaser Trailer - More to come 4/11/2010
Current Mood: amused

26th March 2010

6:01pm: For those of you who don't pay attention to (or read at all The Facebook--*looks at Sarah*) I've joined the cast of a new Sherlock Holmes radio drama (that'll start out as a Podcast) - You can find details (and soon--I'm sure--how to listen to the show) at http://www.thewatsonfiles.com. I'm playing the part of the grandson of the The Great Detective and will have several interesting adventures with my own Dr. Watson (the grandson of the good doctor). All of this is to take place some 100 years after Sherlock and Watson had their adventures. Listen! :)

We're recording the first episodes on Sunday in the morning. I suspect that after all of the editing and things are done that the recordings will be available in short order (in a week or so I hope).

I've captured a cold (as of last Monday) and so I'm hoping that by Sunday I'll be completely over it so that my character won't be sniffly :) I think I've found the right concoction of cold remedies to make that take place and today I've been able to make use of BOTH nostrils without masses of blood flowing out of one of them (like yesterday--I was in the bathroom spludging out my life fluid for like 30 minutes...seriously!) This is something that I appreciate very much.


Switching gears let's talk about heathcare for just a second.

That is all. (Look, I learned not to comment on political things in my LJ).


Now that we're done with that we'll move on to other things. It is Friday and because of the cold and impending radio recordings I've decided to stay home and rest so as to give my body the greatest chance at healing. This begs the question...what, other than write endlessly on LiveJournal, shall I do with my evening? I'm open to suggestions that do not involve me leaving the house *looks at my roommates*


Minor rant: Don't use the reply all button when you get an e-mail message that you don't like that was sent to a lot of people! This causes everyone to have to deal with an endless stream of messages from EVERYONE that doesn't want to be on the mailing list when they proceed to follow your example. The people who have to watch the stream of e-mails filling up their box will not be pleased. They will soldier on, however, because they must!(End of minor rant).


I started watching Nip/Tuck recently. I have to look away sometimes when they start hammering things into people's noses or just cutting through random bits of flesh with a voracity that was before only known by The Ripper himself, but otherwise it is entertaining. Monica's right. They put those people through some really tough things. I'm sure it'll work out in the end though. I'm looking forward to more.


Hm. I think it is possible that these are all of the things that I need to update you fine folks about. Stay tuned for more justice!

-Mr. Money
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24th March 2010

6:29pm: Happy Birthday Rory!
Good to catch up with Rory a bit today. I should remember to call people more often. I'm tired so that's all the update you get for now.


12th February 2010

1:08am: Hmm...
By way of making life more interesting my computer decided that it should hate life. The last Microsoft update killed my laptop. I lost all files that were on it as I had to use the Dell restore to bring it back to life. It's back now. Many files exist on my other hard drive, but I'm missing lots...and lots...on the up shot...I have lots of free space now! :)

Current Mood: Somewhat disgruntled

7th January 2010

1:32am: Christmas & The New Year
Some of you got to hear the story of Christmas at home. It takes me like 12 minutes to tell the whole thing properly so I'm not going to try to type it. Let's just say that I'd probably count it among my least favorite Christmas Days ever. It takes second place only to the time that my family had Christmas without me because I had a Santa gig and they couldn't wait 30 more minutes. That one actually bothered me quite a bit more than all of the things that happened with my family this Christmas. Good news though, it was just the majority of that day. The day ended with friends and Sherlock Holmes which was certainly much more delightful.

Then there was a time of work. It was brief.

Then Rip and Beth arrived in town and off to Madison town we traveled to ring in the new year with good friends and much merry making. Well played Wisconsinites :) I think everyone had a bonzer time even Kevin and I when we slept in the heatless basement while it was something like -20 outside (this was our own fault -- there was room in the heated world, but I at least thought I'd spare people the snoring...next time they suffer! :)) There are a few good stories that come back from that event, but most of them require that you were either there or on the other end of a text message or two to properly understand. The rest others will share with you over time...I promise :)

I've enjoyed 2010 thus far. That's right...Twenty Ten is how I just said that. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't believe in the future or robots or death machines!

To a prosperous year...


Current Mood: cheerful

17th December 2009

9:04pm: Poor Livejournal
It's so easy to post an update to Facebook now that I have the Blackberry that poor LiveJournal gets neglected...I feel bad so I'll give it some texty love now.

Life, as it generally does, soldiers on in a happy state of being. I am in an epic conflict with my brain. I'll let you know the outcome of that later if I manage to win. If I lose then you probably won't know the outcome...we'll just soldier on.

Cryptic...I still got it :)

The Christmas shopping is done early this year (especially early since I normally go in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, buy bags to put everything in, and then go home and put everything under the tree. As such I have enjoyed the pleasure (for the most part -- stupid oddly shaped BBC animal boxes!) of actually wrapping presents. It takes a lot longer when you try to make things look neat, but it's totally worth it. Christmas presents just look cool!

I'm only about halfway done with that so I should probably wrap some tonight and I might even manage that, but first I have to work on a super secret project for my boss (I'm not working off the clock I swear!) and then there's all that Smalleville to watch.

I've also come to the conclusion that I might have too many games. There are a lot of other things that I want/need to do with the small amount of me time that I get that are getting neglected due to my love of gaming. Right now I've got one every other Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Saturday and every Sunday. Those of you who are thinking people are saying, but you have Monday, every other Tuesday, Thursday and Friday free P$--that's totally more days off than on gaming, but I tell you truly that it just doesn't seem like enough time.

Gaming is when I get to hang out with the people though so it'll be hard to pick a game or two to off if I have to go that route. I like the people...they are funny and make life worth getting up for in the morning.

Ah well, no need to rush these things. I'll just talk about it out loud for a while and then find a way to make it all work like I know is possible. It'll just take a bit more time management. Now that I'm done with Angel and only have a bit of Smallville left I'll be able to not start another TV series...that should help...then maybe I won't have to give up any games.

Look at that...LiveJournal just helped me solve my problem without the loss of any gamage. *sigh of contentness*

All right well, I've got those Christmas presents that I talked about before to tend to and the super secret project so I'll leave you now.


Current Mood: chipper

10th December 2009

9:19pm: To know the true meaning of the world one must allow one's self to really be present...
I died
So many years ago
You can make me feel
Like it isn’t so
Why you come to be with me
I think I finally know

You’re scared
Ashamed of what you feel
And you can’t tell the ones you love
You know they couldn’t deal
Whisper in a dead man’s ear
It doesn’t make him real

That’s great
But I don’t wanna play
Cause being with you touches me
More than I can say
But since I’m only dead to you
I’m sayin’ stay away
And let me rest in peace


Let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it
In a hole six foot deep
I can lay me body down
But I can’t find my sweet release
So let me rest in peace

You know
You got a willin’ slave
And you just love to play the thought
That you might misbehave
Until you do, I’m tellin’ you
Stop visiting my grave
And let me rest in peace

I know
I should go
But I follow you
Like a man possessed
There’s a traitor here
Beneath me breast
And it hurts me more then you’ve ever guessed
If my heart could beat
It would break my chest
But I can see
You’re unimpressed
So leave me be

-William the Bloody
Current Mood: cold

10th November 2009

12:52am: Men Who Star At Goats

Current Mood: amused

31st October 2009

11:32pm: Prompted by Sarah's Text Message...
I forget that there are people that don't use Facebook...time to step up to the line kids...

P$ Got InkedCollapse )

That is all...

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17th October 2009

12:04pm: Adventure Quest...
...I've had an adventurous day thus far, I ran some errands (returned a few video tapes), got a hair cut, bought some new shirts, acquired a new tie, and have returned home and nearly completed preparations for this afternoon's outing to the outlet mall for lunch with some of my peeps, a bit of shopping, an interlude at the Casino (I need to give back some of the $1000.00 that I took from them last night or I may just feel like a bad person -- this paranthetical comment is filled with one truth and an outright lie...and for you humor monkeys out there I don't feel like a bad person :P)

I'm gonna go watch an episode of Mission Hill and think about putting on some pants.


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5th October 2009

10:09pm: The 2009 Pumpkin
Why so Serious?

The Joker

A Pumpkin isn't powerful until it's lit up:

The Joker2

I'll admit that I talked to the pumpkin a lot while I was cutting his scars. :)

Good times...

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